New Mom Is Worried About Taking Infant Home, But Then Baby Meets Their 5 Rescue Pets

February 1, 2017

Adding new members to the family can always be difficult — whether it’s a pet or a child, it takes a lot of time for everyone else in the family to adjust to the changes a new family member brings.

Kasey Boggs and her husband knew how to bring new pets into the family — with four dogs and a cat, they were used to introducing new fur babies to their previous pets.

When Kasey got pregnant, she and her husband were so excited. They were about to add another member to the family, though this time it would be a human baby.

Kasey knew that adding an infant to the family would change the dynamic with the pets, though. Kasey and her husband wouldn’t be able to focus as much time on their furry pals anymore, and the animals would have to get used to a screaming baby.

The big question was, how would the pets adjust?

Kasey gave birth to an adorable little boy on Christmas Eve 2016. Sonny Laurent Boggs was a welcome addition to the family, but then it came time to take him home.

The pets, Roxy, Edith, Mia, Rose, and Jake, were patiently waiting for their human parents to return.

And although Kasey and her husband were originally nervous, they had no reason to be.

The dogs and cat immediately took to Sonny, instantly loving him.

Roxy likes to nap with her baby brother, making sure he’s happy and comfortable.

The cat, Mia, likes to pretend she’s the real baby of the family, lying around with Sonny.

Once Kasey realized how much her pets loved Sonny, she started making them look like real siblings.

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[H/T: Viral Nova]