Newborn Twin Only Has 11 Days To Live, So Parents Snap Emotional Photos To Last A Lifetime

February 6, 2017

It’s never easy to hear that it’s a matter of time before a loved one is gone. You think to yourself, what do I do with the limited time I have? And no matter what, it doesn’t feel like enough time.

But look at it this way: at least you know you have a certain amount of time left with that particular person — just like this man got to do with his dying wife.

On December 17, 2016, Lyndsay and Matthew Brentlinger gave birth to twins they named William and Reagan. But this was a miracle in itself, considering doctors didn’t even think William would make it into this world.

William had a serious heart defect that doctors knew they couldn’t save him from. He appeared healthy and alert, but he was dying from his condition. However, Lyndsay and Matthew were grateful to have any time at all with William, and decided to make the most of it by getting in touch with photographer Lindsey Brown.

Lyndsay and Matthew asked if she would photograph their family for the first and last time together. Two days after asking, Lindsey met little William and his sister Reagan.

The photographs really do speak for themselves. William looked as healthy as can be next to his twin, appearing peaceful and happy.

And even though William wasn’t feeling as well as he looked, the family now had memories of their son that would last a lifetime.

Please check out Lindsey Brown’s work on her website and Facebook page. The original photos and story can also be found on her official blog.

Photo credit: Lindsey Brown Photography 

Lindsey Brown Photography

On December 17, 2016, Lyndsay and Matthew Brentlinger were thrilled to bring William and Reagan into this world. Although the excitement of having newborns is to be expected, this particular moment for Mom and Dad called for a special celebration.

Lindsey Brown Photography

William was born with heart abnormalities, and doctors weren’t even sure that he was going to make it out alive at all. But this little fighter defied the odds and came out looking like a healthy and happy baby.

But sadly, William was still not well, and Mom and Dad knew they had just days to spend with him.

Lindsey Brown Photography

But Lyndsay and Matthew were still so grateful to have any time with their little boy at all, and wanted to make the most of what they had left. So with just days before Christmas, they wished for the ultimate gift — to create everlasting photos to remember their time together as a family.

Lindsey Brown Photography

And photographer Lindsey Brown made that all possible. Despite the craziness of the holidays, when Lindsey heard the Brentlinger’s story, she dropped what she was doing and made an exception for the family with very little time.

Lindsey Brown Photography

And the images truly do speak for themselves. After Brown photographed the family, she recalled: “It was extremely bittersweet the entire time I was there. They acted and looked perfect. You would literally NEVER have known something was wrong with sweet Will.”

Shortly after the photoshoot, William passed away at just 11 days old. Although his life was cut much too short, the Brentlingers now have these memories together that they will cherish — forever.

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