Nurses Take One Look At Baby Brothers’ Hair And Run Into Maternity Ward With Scissors

February 10, 2017

Lindsay and Simon Shelton have always had great hair full of thick and luscious locks. In fact, the U.K. couple says they have “more hair than necessary.”

They suspected their offspring would be hairy, but never expected the extent of their “good-hair gene.”

Baby Stanley had three hair cuts since the five months since he was born…

… And George, 4, had so much hair at birth, with his dark, curly hair falling right into his eyes, that he needed a trim right there in the maternity ward!

Scroll down to see why the Shelton brothers’ hair is going viral…

[H/T: Natalie Corner for MailOnline]

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Lindsay and Simon Shenton have always had super-thick hair.

Lindsay claims her hair is so thick that she often needs a double appointment at the stylist.

The U.K. couple always knew that if they had children, they’d pass the “good-hair gene” on to them.

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Four years ago, Lindsay and Simon welcomed baby George into the world.

The little boy was born with so much hair that nurses ran into the maternity ward with scissors to get the “bangs” out of his eyes!

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As George grew older, his hair became thicker and curlier.

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Lindsay and Simon’s second son, Stanley, has had three hair cuts in the first five months of his life. His hair grew one whole inch in just eight weeks!

Babies typically lose hair as they get older, but George and Stanley have not lost any. Lindsay says it just keeps growing… and growing… and growing some more.

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The family pediatrician says she has never seen a pair of such hairy babies.

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Lindsay says Stanley’s hairstylist couldn’t believe her eyes when she was first tasked with giving him haircuts and was “shaking like a leaf.”

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While George’s hair is dark and curly, Stanley’s hair is a lighter shade of brown and is growing vertically.

While Lindsay and Simon hope gravity will eventually take over, they can’t help but giggle at his “freshly electrocuted” look.

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People are always commenting on the brothers’ luscious locks. Lindsay says it’s a great conversation starter.

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But while Stanley loves having his hair cut and played with, George absolutely hates it.


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