Old Couple Has Taken Care Of 1000 Troubled Kids, But Has No Clue They Came Back To Surprise Them

February 2, 2017

Over the last 30 years, Anne and Terry Panks have cared for over 1,000 troubled boys and girls out of the goodness of their hearts. They turned their home into a charity house named Copperdale Trust.

In 1980, the couple opened their home in Britain to young criminal offenders who needed a warm bed and a second chance. In 2012, the couple had become so beloved in and around their community and country that they were given the Pride of Britain award. Anne, now in her 80s, still runs the Copperdale Trust to this day, the couple’s organization situated in an old police station.

According to Initiatives of Change, young residents brush up on life skills and become independent while staying at Copperdale. The kids are given a haven in which they can begin to get their lives back on track.

Recently, the folks at Morrison’s supermarket chain decided to give Anne and Terry the surprise of their lives — by secretly planning to throw them a party and invite those whose lives they’ve touched since 1980.

Anne and Terry thought they were heading to meet a reporter from The Sun, but really they were on their way to a community center for a surprise party.

The kindhearted couple was absolutely shocked to walk in and see the faces of over 60 of their former foster kids, many who they hadn’t seen in years.

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