One Simple Question to Help You Understand What Is Most Important for You in Life

We here at LikeAble have found a curious psychological test that consists of only one question. Perhaps it will help you learn something new about yourself.

Imagine that you have to do five things simultaneously:

Soothe a crying baby.
Get the laundry hanging outside (it is starting to rain).
Turn off the tap (water is starting to overflow onto your kitchen floor).
Open the front door (somebody’s knocking at it).
Answer the ringing phone.

In what order will you do these things?

© Olga Nazarova

What your answers mean:

If the first thing you do is attend to the baby, then the most important thing in your life is your family.
If you hurry to pick up the clothes first, then your priorities are love and intimate relationships.
If you switch off the tap, you give most preference to money.
If you go and open the door, then you tend to put friends and relatives first.
If you answer the ringing phone, then you prioritize your career and job the most.

Source personalityquiz
Preview photo credit Irina Dzhul