Owners Let Tiny Puppy Explore During His First Snow, Then Catch His Hilarious Wipeout On Film

February 10, 2017

For young animals, their first winter can be quite a curious time. It is an introduction to colder weather and, depending on where they live, a lot of strange white flakes falling down from the sky.

For this tiny English cream golden retriever puppy, discovering all that winter has to offer came with quite a hilarious price.

The snow had already fallen, leaving behind a fresh, crisp sheet of snow on the ground for the little guy to investigate and play in.

The 8-week-old explorer set out into the snow for the first time and didn’t know where to start. He looked around and immediately jumped into a sprint.

He and his small paws zoomed through old tire tracks that surrounded several portions of the area outside. The bright field of snow was almost as tall as he was.

The golden retriever kept racing around, hopping over mounds in some parts. Although he was having a blast, he didn’t seem very cautious. The packed snow must have been pretty slippery when the puppy came around.

He was at his highest speed yet, but little did he know, his adventure was about to come crashing down in the most adorable way possible.

To see this golden retriever puppy’s hysterical wipeout, check out the video below, posted on February 3, 2017. It’ll surely give you a laugh.

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