Parents Are Upset When Bakery Ruins Gender Reveal, Then They Turn The Cake Around

February 9, 2017

Gender reveals are the absolute best. It’s a time when the entire family can gather for a worthy celebration, no matter what the outcome may be!

While some families keep it traditional, others like to get creative and get all the relatives involved — just look at this family, who included all 24 grandchildren!

And while things go pleasantly smooth with the reveal most of the time, hiccups happen that are completely out of the couple’s control.

On February 24, 2016, Mom and Dad decided to order a round cake to announce the big news. For those who don’t know, many couples send the doctor’s note with the gender to a local bakery, who bake a cake filled with either pink or blue.

So when it was time to do the deed, these parents-to-be chose to hand over the knife to two relatives. The women held the utensil together as they sliced through the frosting, jiggling out a piece and holding it up for all to see.

The only problem was: they couldn’t figure out its color! After much disbelief and laughter, the family unanimously decided that the bakery messed up — they just delivered a normal white cake.

Eventually, the couple and their families found out that they were going to have a baby boy. Regardless of the mistake, they still got together to celebrate a new life and were clearly happy with just that alone!

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