PETS Woman Sees Note Online About Elderly Dog At Kill Shelter, So She Drops Everything To Save Him

January 31, 2017

Jaripo the senior doggy was about to be put down when Christina Morgan saw his photo on Facebook. She noticed that the little dog was at a high-kill shelter, and even though it was two hours away, Christina knew she had to do something.

She called the shelter to tell them she was on her way, but they said Jaripo might not be there when she arrived. They told her they would put him down if they had to, so Christina sped up her driving.

She arrived at the shelter just in time — Jaripo was still there! The dog’s previous owners had given him up because he had a terminal illness, so Christina rushed him to the vet.

However, medical tests showed that, apart from some pain in his hips and spine, Jaripo was actually completely healthy.

After the vet gave Jaripo a clean bill of health, Christina took him to Paw Works, the animal rescue she runs.

A family stepped up to foster Jaripo, offering him a place where he can live out his days in peace.

Really, how could anyone not fall in love with Jaripo?

He’s a sweet elderly dog who just wants someone to care for him in his final days.

Her new foster family loves him a lot, and they’re happy to be providing a home for a dog in need.

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[H/T: Bored Panda]