Phone Thief On Motorbike Is Stopped By Completely Insane Kung Fu Kick To The Face

December 29, 2016

Somewhere out there, the spirit of Bruce Lee watches over us, observing the natural balance in the world and, where appropriate, driving certain citizens to administer justice by inspiring magnificent acts of kung fu. It might sound outlandish and ridiculous, but how else would you explain this?!

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What you see up there is a dastardly bike thief, getting his just desserts from our hero in the grey T-shirt, who manages to stop him using the deadliest tools available to him: his own body. It sounds pretty bonkers when I describe it, but wouldn’t you like to see things for yourself? You’re in luck: CCTV caught the entire incident on camera, and it’s a glorious display of justice Batman would be proud of.

As several episodes of Walker: Texas Ranger will testify, kung fu makes anything better. The start of this video shows us that this motorcyclist is, in fact, a thief, and what’s about to occur isn’t just some real-life version of Grand Theft Auto.

As he speeds down the road, probably celebrating a heist well-done, our hero runs out in front of him. There seems little hope as he stares down the rapidly approaching bike, but our grey-shirted citizen takes down the bike thief with a well-aimed kung fu kick. To be honest, it’s more of a butt charge than a deadly roundhouse, but that’s still a pretty mean feat for a random citizen who isn’t a Power Ranger.

In daily life, we rarely get to see such brazen displays of vigilante justice, but from time to time, this kind of thing does happen in America as well. Where there are creeps touching up young girls on buses, there are rappers who step in for justice, and we couldn’t be more glad.