These photos will make you fall in love with foxes

There are two types of foxes — cute ones, and super cute ones. We find the latter to be more common.

People always say that they’re sly, but hardly anybody can argue with the fact that they are among the most beautiful animals. Sadly, there are not many places in the world where you can find foxes.

We at LikeAble came to the conclusion that these animals are all too charming…And if you don’t believe us, just take a look at some of these guys!

© Karlo Seppmann

© Roeselien Raimond

© Kai Fagerstrom

© dailymail

© Wenda Atkin

© Igor Shpilenok

© Igor Shpilenok

© Roeselien Raimond

© Edwin Kats

© Einar Gudmann

© Roeselien Raimon

© Remo Savisaar

© Francisco Mingorance

© Igor Shpilenok

© William Doran

© Ivan Kislov

© Dan Dinu

© Robert Adamec

© Micheal Eastman

© Edwin Kats