Postal Worker Notices Boy On Route Is Gone, Then 20 Mail Trucks Show Up At His House

February 5, 2017

Whenever a postal worker went to the Watkins family’s home, they could count on a kind greeting from their son. They nicknamed the teen “Matthew the Mailman,” because he dreamed of being a postal worker someday.

Then one day, the Watkins’ postal worker noticed that Matthew was gone. Not for a day or two, but for eight months. When the postwoman investigated, she got some devastating news: Matthew was diagnosed with leukemia.

The post office knew they had to do something.

After Matthew came home, they decided to surprise him. An entire fleet of 20 postal vehicles arrived at his doorstep. The teen, who wore a mailman uniform even during his time in the hospital, was ecstatic to see the support.

It goes to show, there are heroes on TV with superpowers, but in real life, our superheroes don’t require magical powers. Their uniforms aren’t tights, maybe they just wear a button-down shirt and kindness on their sleeves.

The postal service community adorned Matthew with gifts, another uniform, and even a sash.

Some might think it’s a little silly, but for the Watkinses, it was a sign that in their most difficult time, their community was right there waiting to make their son’s dreams come true.

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