Pregnant Granddaughter Loses It When Grandma Thinks Pregnancy Tests Are Nail Files

February 8, 2017

When Rachel Earls found out that she was pregnant, she wanted to get every single one of her family member’s reactions on tape.

And she did just that. While the entirety of this video is absolutely precious, the length in its entirety is 12 minutes long.

So, we decided to select one of the best moments of it all and share it with you. Of course, this moment has to do with the grandma.

Who’s better than anyone’s grandma after all? I’d have to say no one.

As you’ll see, this beautiful granddaughter tries to tell her equally beautiful grandmother that she’s about to get a new title of great-grandma, but Grandma doesn’t quite get it.

First, Rachel hands her a bag with the positive pregnancy tests inside (she took a few to make sure), but her grandmother thinks they’re nail files or something of that sort. After a few giggles, Rachel sets her straight, or so she thinks.

After telling her that they’re pregnancy tests, and they’re positive, her grandma somehow believes that they’re her own! She says, “I’ve had all that I want!”

Clearly, she doesn’t want any more children, and she’s a bit confused. But when she realizes the truth, it’s a precious moment.

Thankfully, it’s all on tape.

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