Pregnant Woman’s Baby Won’t Stop Fussing On The Plane, Until A Stranger Picks Him Up

February 1, 2017

My family moved a lot when I was a young kid, which is probably why I’ve always loved flying and finding new places to discover.

Don’t get me wrong, I understand how many frustrations can pop up while you’re attempting to travel, and sometimes your fellow passengers decide to make the already cramped space even more uncomfortable for you. That said, though, you can’t beat the ability to zoom from one side of the country to another with a car or train.

While most airlines do try to go out of their way to make their guests comfortable for the duration of their journey, hiccups occur all too often. Jerry Seinfeld even made a career on lampooning those unfortunate situations that arise on a regular basis! But’s easy to laugh at the relatable issues until you find yourself in the passenger seat.

One of the most frequent culprits of an unhappy flight: babies on board.

Many people already find themselves in a surly mood as they make their way through the seemingly endless lines for baggage check, security, only to wait around to do it all over again just to board the plane.

Once they’ve finally found their seat on the flight, the sight of an infant can send dread through any passengers spine as they imagine what could be in store for them for the next few hours.

Sure, it would be nice for the youngsters to remain just as calm and polite as the rest of us packed into our seats like this very mature tyke enjoying breakfast and movie.

Sadly, that is so rarely the case — not that it’s the little guys’ fault of course. I get pretty agitated myself every time I feel the change in air compression hit my ears, something they’re definitely not accustomed to at such a young age.

While we might be wishing for an attendant to swing by and mollify the situation, that isn’t exactly part of their job description.

Which is why one woman was so floored to see a fellow passenger step up to do just that for another woman on her flight who was dealing with a fussy toddler on their flight from Minneapolis, MN, to Atlanta, GA.

The pregnant mother was clearly exhausted when he approached her and explained that, as a father, he just wanted to help her get some rest.

Sitting a few rows behind them, Andrea Byrd couldn’t help but capture the heartwarming moment and share it with others on her Facebook.

According to Byrd, the man spent most of their two and a half hour travel time walking up and down the aisles with the toddler, gently comforting him.

There aren’t many of us who can say we would be just as compassionate in this man’s shoes.

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