A Priceless Map with the Wi-Fi Passwords for Any Airport in the World

A computer security engineer and blogger, Anil Polat, has done an enormous favor for anyone who needs to get online while traveling. He created an interactive map with the name of WiFox — it contains the Wi-Fi passwords to free networks in most large airports around the world.

This is what it looks like: the little plane symbols on the map indicate airports, and to the left is a list of the names of all the Wi-Fi networks and their passwords.

© google.com

Using the service is very simple. Let’s say, for example, that you decided to take a trip to Rome. Find the city on the map, or search for it using the search function to the left. Select Leonardo da Vinci International Airport, and you’ll find out that the airport provides access to the Wi-Fi Alitalia Lounge network, which doesn’t require a password, as well as the Aviapartner network with the password Aviapartner01.

© google.com

The service’s information is constantly being updated, with new information on new airports and cities often added — so it’s worth remembering it when you next go on a trip.