This Project Shows Why Those Who Overcome Cancer Are Not Survivors

Cancer Grad is a website that explores the impact breast cancer can have on a woman’s body and soul. It uses humor and honesty to go beyond just surviving.

We at LikeAble decided to tell you more about this important project.

Cancer Grad is transforming the traditional cancer narrative by providing a platform for finding new perspectives, sharing experiences, and connecting with a support group.

Founded by Aniela McGuinness and Nora McMahon, two cancer graduates, this website tries to REDEFINE the cancer experience — because it’s not just a label, it’s a revolution.

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Aniela and Nora met through a mutual friend. They had many things in common: a similar sense of humor, the ability to laugh at themselves, and a new cancer diagnosis. The two quickly became friends.

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During a conversation, Aniela and Nora admitted that neither felt they identified with the term “cancer survivor.” They wanted to approach their own diagnoses and recoveries through a different lens, one that did not invoke the negative connotations of a war or a battle.

They soon realized that they were not only surviving but also graduating, finding the positive approach of viewing a cancer diagnosis as an opportunity to learn.

Thus, Cancer Grad is creating a worldwide movement of cancer “students“ and ”graduates” who inspire each other and share tips and cheat sheets to the lessons they have learned.

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