These Puppies Compensate for All the Bad Stuff We Put Up With in Life

December 22, 2016

For those who haven’t smiled yet today, we at LikeAble have gathered together another collection of outrageously cute puppies. Caution is advised: you won’t be able to contain your emotions when you see these little guys!

All puppies are incredibly cute…

© Topimagur/

…and very curious.

© laughalot647/

There’s no way you won’t feel something when they give you that stare.

© bcr76/

That’s right, it’s impossible — those emotions are welling up, no matter what!

© bluedabade/

So don’t try to resist it.

© shauni/

They’re still the cutest, even when they wake us up too early.

© Maqsoodk/

There’s just no way you don’t want to give them a hug…

© mykeuk/

…or play a little with these wonderful creatures.

© AiKenKa/

And their cuteness increases exponentially when they wear sweaters.


Pretending to be a bear, eh? We know you’re still the cutest underneath.

© ShadowBun/

They’re an utter delight even when asleep.

© 466rtfge/

Whatever ridiculous position they adopt!

© thevagrant88/

Although sometimes we can see they’re pretending…

© Kerohime/

He’s definitely been up to no good, but we’ll forgive whatever he’s done!


A puppy’s charm is second to none.

© leanandfart/

My cuteometer just broke again!

© seko1234/

I’m taking every one of them home.

© rishii123/