What we all really want in this life, revealed in one simple comic strip

Nowadays, the life of the majority of people resembles a conveyor built, aimed only at making money and buying lots of unnecessary stuff. Wouldn’t you agree? Not only do we forsake our big childhood dreams of who we wanted to be, but we even tend to forget what we dreamt of only yesterday. The media, commercials and public opinion insist that we should run ourselves off our feet in an attempt to earn more and more. But have you asked yourself: does this actually make you happy?

In the following comic strip, illustrators Alan Watts and Gavin Aung Than explain in a simple and direct manner why you shouldn’t get thoughtlessly caught up in the vicious circle of enrichment and consumption. We here at LikeAble support this manifesto of freedom, and believe that we should follow our hearts and live this life to the fullest. Do you agree?

Source: zenpencils