Rescuers Discover 14 Plastic Bins In A Driveway, But Are Stunned When They Find Cats Inside

February 23, 2017

Animals are too often left to fend for themselves, even when they are unable to handle it.

Staff at the Cat House on Kings were shocked one morning when they found 14 plastic bins in their driveway.

Inside the bins, which had tiny holes drilled into them, were cats and kittens. In total, 16 cats were found.

The Cat House on Kings is a no-cage, no-kill cat sanctuary in California. Their sole purpose is to take in cats and kittens that need care and give them the best possible life.

If animals are going to be dumped anywhere, the Cat House on Kings is the safest place for them to be dropped off, but the workers were still shocked to see so many cats in need.

“The plastic tubs all matched and had carefully drilled air holes in them and were zip-tied closed to keep the kitties inside. Every tub had a fleece blanket,” Harvie Schreiber of the Cat House on the Kings told Love Meow.

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Facebook / The Cat House on Kings

The Cat House on Kings shared the discovery on Facebook, with the 1.2 million people that have liked their page.

In the post, they make a call to action, hoping anyone can help them care for the animals.

Facebook / The Cat House on Kings

Staff arrived at 4 a.m. the day the cats were dropped off. When they first got in, everything looked normal.

But an hour later, when they headed outside, they discovered the plastic bins left in the driveway.

Facebook / The Cat House on Kings

The workers carried all 14 plastic bins inside and found out there were 16 cats total, ranging from newborn kittens to 3 years old. One mama cat was in a bin with her two babies.

Facebook / The Cat House on Kings

Each bin had holes drilled into them so the cats could breathe, as well as fleece blankets for them to lie on.

The cats were not dirty and appeared to have been well cared for, though no note as to where they came from was left with the bins.

Facebook / The Cat House on Kings

Despite the fact that the Cat House on Kings already has well over 800 cats to care for, they weren’t going to let these newcomers fend for themselves.

The organization takes in cats, much like these abandoned babies, and cares for them at their sanctuary. They also foster out cats and put up animals for adoption, so the cats are in good hands there!

Facebook / The Cat House on Kings

Some of the kitties are a little shell-shocked, but others have already started to warm up to their rescuers.

While all the cats appear to be in good health, quite of a few of them share an interesting trait — a bunch of the cats have an extra toe!

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