Rescuers Shave Severely Matted Dog To Reveal How Tiny And Cute She Is Under Fur

February 7, 2017

We often hear stories about sick, neglected animals that are suffering, either at the hands of an abusive owner or suffering against the harsh elements of the world.

As it gets colder and colder outside, there are more stories about animals getting caught outside in freezing temperatures.

Raggedy Ann wasn’t found frozen anywhere, but she was a victim of another issue that abandoned street dogs face: traffic.

She was nearly hit by a moving car, and had she been, she most likely would have died. Thankfully, a kind stranger rescued Raggedy Ann and took her to SICSA Pet Adoption Center.

The name Raggedy Ann fits, as she was covered in so much matted fur that her eyes and paws were not visible. Her fur hung in matted clumps around her legs.

Fortunately, her rescuers knew that she was beautiful under all of that dirty fur, so they shaved it all off after her vet checkup. Of course, Raggedy Ann is a gorgeous little dog! She is surprisingly small, which was hard to tell based on all of that fur she’d been carrying around.

If you love to see dogs like Raggedy Ann go through a transformation after some love and care, you’ll be happy to see how happy these 2 dogs are after they were rescued and had all of their severely matted fur shaved off.

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