Why Romania should be your next holiday destination

Romania: one of the most mysterious and beautiful countries in Europe. Its ancient cobblestone streets, mysterious forests, and buildings thoroughly permeated by medieval spirit will penetrate your core. This country will fascinate you with its humble beauty, its gorgeous Carpathian mountains, and wonderful frescoes of ancient Orthodox monasteries. The best thing about it might be its magnificent medieval castles; according to legend, Count Dracula lived in one of them.

If you want to take a journey into Europe’s captivating past, we at LikeAble urge you to visit this picturesque country, where every corner breathes history and legends.

© (с) nicu hoandra

Morning fog over the village of Biertan.

© (с) Sebastian Puraci

Bigar Waterfall.

© (С) Lazar Ovidiu

Ceahlau Massif.

© (с) Teodor Ionut

Pele? Castle.

© (с) Adrian Borda

A field of sunflowers in Romania.

© (с) Cristian Ioan


© (с) Ovidiu Grijulescu

Corvin Castle.

© (с) Lazar Ovidiu

Rodna National Park.

© (с) Zsolt Kiss

Bucegi Massif.

© (с) Janos Gaspar

Retezat National Park, Carpathians.

© (с) dumitru doru

Bucegi Massif.

© (с) Catalin Caciuc

A spring evening in a Romanian village.

© (с) Ben Taylor

The Transfagarasan Highway, in Transylvania.

© ivo deart

Bran Castle, known as Dracula’s Castle.

© (с) Adrian Borda

A marsh covered with moss.

© (с) Dan Tivadar

The city of Sighi?oara.

© (с) Luis Salha


© (с) Stan Cosmin Ovidiu

The western Romanian mountains.

© (с) Ioan Balasanu

A mountain road.

© (с) Zsolt Kiss

Rodna Mountains.