Rude Man Tells Mom In Restaurant To ‘Shut Her Baby Up’ — But His Father’s Response Stuns Her

February 5, 2017

Lucy Hatami, a new mom from the U.K., took her 8-month-old son out in public for a rare adventure. She wanted to eat a proper meal at a restaurant, and it was one of the first times she’d made the attempt to do so with her baby boy in tow.

During her meal, the inevitable happened: Hatami’s son began crying and screaming at the table while other patrons were trying to eat in peace and quiet.

In the midst of her embarrassment, Hatami heard a twentysomething guy at a nearby table mutter, “I wish she’d shut that thing up!”

Hatami was mortified, but she wanted to say something to defend her fussy baby.

However, before she could respond to the opinionated stranger, the young man’s father stood up, spoke out and left her stunned…

Facebook / Lucy Hatami

Lucy Hatami, a new mom from the U.K., bravely ventured out of her house with her 8-month-old son for a rare meal at a local restaurant.

But it wasn’t long into her breakfast that Hatami’s son started getting fussy. Like any baby would do, her boy began crying and screaming inside the restaurant.

Hatami was already in a panic, so you can imagine how she felt when she heard a twentysomething man at a nearby table criticizing her and her baby.

That’s when something unexpected happened…


That moment when your [sic] in a restaurant trying to have breakfast whilst your 8-month-old son is crying and a boy (early 20s) muttering, “I wish she’d shut that thing up!”

Facebook / Lucy Hatami

Before I could even respond, his dad comes up behind him clips him round the ear and says, “What and you think you were perfect? You were a right little sod.

“Now stop being a brat, go up there and apologize to her and offer to get her breakfast as she clearly has her hands full!”


So I got my buffet breakfast with waiter service along with a lovely coffee…

Facebook / Lucy Hatami

Thank you to that dad who even after 20 odd years still remembers the difficulty of being parents to babies!

Bravo to the young man’s father, who knew you’re never too old for an important parental lesson in patience and respect. Please SHARE Hatami’s story with your friends on Facebook!