The Secret Is Revealed: This Is Why We’ve Never Seen Little Pigeons

Pigeons live in every big city, and you cannot miss them: quick and nimble, they long ago became the rightful inhabitants of every megapolis. But let’s be honest: can you remember what baby pigeons look like? Have you seen them at least once?

We at LikeAble have also asked ourselves this, and we’re eager to share our top secret investigation.

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This mystery happened to have a simple and logical explanation: the secret is in where pigeons nest. Though these birds have got used to living among us, they choose hideaways to build nests safe from prying eyes: forsaken buildings and abandoned houses, roofs, places under bridges.

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By the way, pigeons are really good parents: they don’t kick their birdlings out of the nest, and they bring them food until they’re at least 40 days old. This period is enough for a nestling to become fully fledged, grow up, and look like a mature bird. Yet there’s a way to tell a youngster: they don’t have the green and purple feathers around the neck — it’s a feature of adults.

This is why we cannot see baby pigeons on the city streets. Yet if we could, we would be greatly surprised: just look how amusing and clumsy they are!

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