Seven little houses that are smaller than your bedroom

You don’t have to own a large, posh mansion to be happy. Take a look at these minuscule kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms, and it will make you wonder: do you really need all that unbounded space, wealth and the intricate interior?

We here at LikeAble would actually love to live in one of these little houses! How about you?

Bernadette lives in a 172-square-foot house in Maryland.

Art parks his 117-square-foot home behind a gym in Louisiana.

Brittany has built herself a tiny 130-square-foot home in Washington. She got the inspiration for it from travelling when she saw a lot of small houses in the places she visited.

Vina’s house in California is only 140 square feet.

John built his tiny home using an old fire truck.

Lina lives in a 100-square-foot home in Oregon.

Laura and Matt’s 120-square-foot house is located in the mountains of North Carolina.

Source: barnorama