Seven tricks to help you look perfect in photographs

Many people are convinced that they always look terrible in photographs, and therefore do everything they can to avoid going in front of the camera lens. But few know that, in actual fact, producing successful photographs is merely a question of finding the right pose.

Samantha Simmonds, a newsreader for Sky News, has revealed some of her tricks she uses to look great in front of the camera every day. They’re so simple, and so effective, that we just had to share them with you.

1. Find your best side

‘Almost everyone has an asymmetrical face.Therefore, you need to work out which is your “best side”‘, says London-based photographer John Godwin. It’s a simple idea: decide which side of your face you like more, and always turn it to the camera.

2. Perfect your ‘squinch’

“Usually, I try to look welcoming in front of the camera, by raising my eyebrows slightly. However, John points out that this gives me a scared, uncertain look,” says Samantha.

Celebrities such as Angelina Jolie, Sharon Stone and Drew Barrymore have an answer to this: the ‘squinch’. This involves narrowing the eyes by bringing up the lower lids, as if you’re staring at something in the distance. Only the lower lids move, though – not the eyebrows or any other part of the face.

3. Don’t smile too hard

Too big a smile can look unnatural and insincere, and it doesn’t suit every face. A restrained, small smile can make the face look more attractive without bringing out wrinkles.

4. Slim your face

In order to reduce the amount of space your face takes up in a photograph, you can apply two simple rules: turn so that your best side is at a 30-degree angle from the lens, and put your tongue on the roof of your mouth at the back. This will help to make your face appear narrower.

5. Don’t pout

Pulling a ‘duck face’ not only doesn’t flatter you, but makes you look quite unattractive. It looks much better when you purse your lips slightly, as if you’re about to kiss someone, but without contorting them into a full pout.

6. Raise the camera angle

You want to be slightly lower than the camera, so you’re looking up at it, but not so much that you’re craning your neck. This always produces a really great shot. If you’re looming over the camera, you can appear aggressive and masculine. Looking up totally changes the way your features are perceived.

7. Keep your chin up

For photos in profile, raise your chin slightly; that way your face will look more expressive. It will also make your neck look slimmer, and your cheeks look higher.

Based on material from: dailymail
Photo credit: John Godwin