Soldier Comes Home To A Sign Saying He’s Going To Be A Dad And Freaks Out

February 1, 2017

Finding out you’re going to be a mother or a father must be an incredible feeling. If you’re in love, happy, and ready for that step in your life, what could be better than finally seeing the plus sign on that pregnancy test?

If you ask most people who have found themselves in that situation, you’ll know there’s not much better than getting ready to continue your love with your partner by starting a family.

The baby on the way is a piece of both of you, and it brings a whole new love and life to your days.

So, thankfully, many people record their partners’ reactions to pregnancy news nowadays.

When the mama-to-be in the video below found out that she was expecting, she knew she needed to catch the reaction on tape.

She wrote on a sign, with a onesie nearby, “Roses are red, violets are blue, I’m having a baby and the daddy is you!”

Needless to say, when this soldier walks in the house and sees that on the door, he’s shocked. But it seems like the best shock possible.

His smile immediately goes from ear to ear and he looks so happy, almost as if he’s the one with a pregnancy glow! It’s safe to say baby Hooper will have two great and loving parents when he or she comes into the world.

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