Son Invites Mom To Graduation Party, But She Doesn’t Know It’s A Vow Renewal Surprise

February 8, 2017

Teresa Funk thinks she is going to her son’s graduation party. Boy, is she in for the biggest surprise of her life. There is so much awe, love, shock, and tears of joy in her face throughout the video you’re about to see, it’s impossible not to tear up along with her.

She walks up the front lawn and immediately her son drops the news. This isn’t a graduation party, this is your vow-renewal party.

It was Teresa and her husband’s, Darrell, 25th wedding anniversary, and what a way to spend it.

The wedding party hands her a bouquet of flowers, and instantly she breaks down. Her son officiates the wedding, and just like it was planned, family and friends are there to bear witness to 25 years — and hopefully 25 more — of love and devotion.

A graduation party might have been fun, but I get the feeling that this was an even more wonderful milestone to celebrate.

It takes a lot to plan a surprise party, but to plan what is essentially another wedding?

It’s pretty clear that Teresa and Darrell must have one incredible marriage if their son was willing to do this for the two of them.

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