Stroke Puts Mom In A Coma. When She Wakes Up, She Finds Out She Gave Birth

February 23, 2017

Ciara Murray was feeling ill one morning, when suddenly she collapsed on the floor of her bedroom. Alone in her home while her husband was at work, the mother began to fade in and out of consciousness.

At 37 weeks pregnant, Ciara was unexpectedly having a stroke caused by a blood clot in her brain.

“My husband was at work and I couldn’t get up at all to get the phone. Every time I tried to pull myself up, I kept slipping down,” Ciara recalled. “I couldn’t feel the baby at all. I was far more worried about him than myself. I thought I had just fainted. I was so frightened. I just had to close my eyes and hoped that the time would go quickly.”

Doctors were forced to put the mother from Northern Ireland in a medically induced coma, but what they didn’t tell her was that they were going to deliver her unborn child while she was unconscious.

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Ciara Murray from North Ireland suffered a stroke at 37 weeks pregnant. Doctors were forced to put her in a medically induced coma to save her and her baby’s life.

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There was nothing unusual about Ciara’s pregnancy; she didn’t even experience morning sickness. Then one day she began to feel ill during breakfast.

As she was going to lie down, she collapsed on the bedroom floor. A blood clot in her brain had caused a massive stroke.

Ciara was left on the floor for seven hours while her husband was at work.

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During a three-hour surgery to remove the blood clot, doctors also delivered her healthy son via C-section. But Ciara wouldn’t wake up for another 10 days.

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“They didn’t tell me before the surgery that I was going to give birth. I woke up on November 10, which happened to be my husband’s 35th birthday,” Ciara recalled. “The nurse told me the date and I said, ‘That’s John’s birthday.’ Then she told me that I’d had a baby. I couldn’t believe it. John brought him in to me and it was just amazing.”

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She added: “I could hardly move, but he just lay there on my chest. He was just a wee tiny bundle but he was perfect. I just felt so lucky that he was OK, as I was just so worried about him.”

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Ciara would spend the next six months in and out of hospitals recovering from the brain injury.  Often times she wouldn’t be able to see her newborn at all.

She eventually returned home, where she could finally care for herself and the baby.

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Although Ciara is still in a wheelchair, she expects to get her mobility back soon. Meanwhile, her baby boy is about as ready to walk as his mommy is.

“He is completely fine. He’s full of energy and he’s ready to walk at the minute,” she said. “We’re both trying to get on our feet at the same time.”

She added that “doctors still don’t know what caused the stroke, but I’m just so pleased that we’re both doing OK now.”

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