Student Prepares For Big Test, Then Mom Sees Strange Homework List Teacher Gave Him

February 9, 2017

Before a big test, most sensible students study as hard as they can. They try to cram as much information into their brains until the very last minute. When I was in school, I remember studying until the very last second!

But one teacher named Mrs. Thom offered her young students a different perspective. In November 2016, she sent them home with a long homework list before a big test, anticipating just how much they felt they needed to study.

However, parents and students were taken aback when they took a closer look at the list. It didn’t ask the students to cram before the big day — quite the opposite!

It asked them to have fun!

Mrs. Thom, a teacher at Bucklebury Primary School in London, listed all the things the boys and girls should be doing instead, including eating ice cream and watching their favorite TV show.

Of course, this is quite an unusual request. But the school defended it, saying that having balanced home and school lives is just as important as performing well in school. The administration certainly isn’t discouraging students from studying for exams, but stressed that one cannot perform at a high level without taking a break and enjoying life.

Many are applauding the teacher’s bold move. What do you think, as a parent? Let us know in the comments!

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