Teacher’s Cat Dies, Then Students Put A Kitten In Her Hand And Record It

January 31, 2017

Mrs. Andrews is a beloved math teacher at Joshua High School in Texas. Blondie, her cat of 16 years, passed away — and as we know, losing a furry companion is never easy.

Two days later, her student Rachel Hanhart and a few friends decided to cheer her up after they noticed her crying.

“She was sitting at her desk and we were all just doing our work,” Rachel told Inside Edition. “She began crying and we asked her what was wrong. She told us that her 16-year-old cat had died.”

After looking online, Rachel’s mom was able to find two kittens who needed homes. Rachel brought the kittens to school along with cupcakes and flowers.

“We all were emotional before even entering the room,” Rachel said. “Not upset by any means, but more anxious than anything.” That’s when the students whipped out a camera, and boy did they get a wonderful reaction.

Once they put the tiny kittens in Mrs. Andrews’ hands, she immediately began to break down. Rachel said that everyone in the classroom got misty-eyed.

“Mrs. Andrews began to cry because of the flowers, but then she saw the kittens and I don’t even know how to describe her reaction,” Rachel said. “It was amazing. I think at that point everyone had tears in their eyes.”

Mrs. Andrews named her two little ladies Missy and Girlie.

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