Teen Texts Parents About Her Blue Fingers, But Mom And Dad Have Completely Different Reactions

February 11, 2017

Pretty much everyone can relate to a child asking their parents for help.

If you are the child, then you know that there is no one else in the world who can answer your questions better than your parents. No matter how old you are, you find yourself wanting to call your mom any time you have a big question.

And if you’re the parent, you hope that your children know they can always come to you if they are concerned.

Macela, a teen in Illinois, texted her mom and dad about something. And like most parents, they had fairly different reactions. Macela’s fingers had turned blue, so she sent them a picture of her hands with a question.

As a daughter of a dad who thinks he is funny, I can relate to this conversation pretty easily. Even though Macela’s mother is concerned and tells her to text her dad, her father still tries to be funny in his response about her blue fingers!

Macela is an 18-year-old that found herself with a serious question. She sent her parents a photo of her hands, in which her fingers are blue.

First, she texted her mother the picture. Mom was quickly concerned.

She asked if Macela was cold, and she said was not. Then Mom wanted to know if anything was numb. When they couldn’t figure it out, Macela’s mom told her to text her dad.

When she did, she got an unexpected response — unless she figured her dad would be a jokester about it. His answer is pretty hilarious!

Macela shared the entire exchange on Twitter, highlighting the difference between her mom’s and dad’s reactions. Many popular pages on Twitter shared the post, as they could all relate to it.

But don’t worry, she is OK! Macela said on Twitter that her blue hands were caused by poor circulation. Though, a few of her friends had other ideas. One friend suggested maybe her jeans caused the blue fingers!

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