Ten little stories that will restore your faith in humanity

In our crazy world, there’s one thing which is more important than anything else: thinking about others and lending a helping hand if someone needs it. LikeAble believes that every person can make the world a little bit better. Good deeds never go unnoticed!

Here’s ten stories that are perfect examples of that.

A guy who’s blind in one eye bought the one-eyed puppy that no one wanted.

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Jordan Trent lost his vision in one eye several years ago, and the doctors didn’t succeed in fixing it. One day, Jordan was walking through the market with his children looking for a puppy to buy. When they saw a cute little doggie, and they just couldn’t ignore it — the pup had only one eye. Of course, the family took it home. Despite it’s partial blindness, the family pet is very active and amusing, as you can see on Instagram.

A kid fell asleep waiting to meet Santa Claus, and this is what he did.

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Six-month-old Zeke Walters went to the mall with his parents to have a picture taken with Santa Claus. But waiting in line was too hard for the little boy, and he fell asleep. When they got to the front of the line, Santa decided not to wake the kid up. Instead, he pretended to be asleep, too. The picture is so cute!

A woman presented some homeless children with a store full of toys.

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Carol Suchman, a woman from New York, has a great holiday tradition: every year she buys toys and gives them to children in need. One time she saw a store for rent and decided to take her annual good deed to a totally different level: she rented the shop and filled it with the toys to give to the children.

A little girl donated her hair to children with cancer.

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Emily James is only three years old, but she already has a huge heart; she donated her long hair for wigs for cancer patients. It was Emily’s mother’s idea, who also donated her hair as a teenager. ’I don’t want any kids to be sad that they lost their hair. I can help them and give mine,’ said little Emily.

A flight attendant fed a man who recently suffered a stroke.

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On a flight to China, an old man who’s half paralyzed after recently suffering a stroke got a good seat on the plane. His wife wasn’t able to sit next to him. During lunch, a flight attendant noticed that the man could hardly hold a spoon, so she offered to help. She kneeled down and fed him, and it brought the man to tears. All the passengers were so touched that some of them even took pictures of the moment.

A cafe where street dogs can sleep at night.

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The owners of a coffee shop in Mytilene, Greece, have truly great hearts. After the last guests leave, the cafe opens its doors to street dogs so the poor animals have a warm and safe place to sleep.

A young man saved a child from fire.

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One day, 25-year-old Oleg Tronov found himself in the middle of a raging house fire. The staircase was in smoke, and suddenly he saw two women with children on a neighboring balcony who couldn’t find a way out. The young man rushed to help. Risking his own life, Oleg climbed over the balcony and saved a one-year-old baby boy. Fortunately, the firefighters arrived in time to save the rest of the people in the house. Oleg was rewarded along with the firefighters.

This farmer turned desert into fertile soil.

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The story of Yacouba Sawadogo started long ago in 1974, when he decided to do his bit to help his native country, Burkina Faso, survive droughts. Droughts were the reason why hundreds of inhabitants decided to leave Burkina Faso, but Sawadogo stayed. He remembered an ancient farming technique where compost, water and seeds are used, and Yacouba rode his bike around teaching other people his way of farming. In 40 years, Sawadogo and the people who helped him managed to turn more than 3 million hectares of desert into fertile soil.

A girl forgot her plush bunny in a hotel and received a photo report about its vacation.

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When the staff of an Irish hotel found a forgotten plush bunny in one of the rooms, they knew exactly what to do. These amazing people decided to take some pictures of the bunny’s vacation in the hotel and posted photos on Facebook. After a while the toy’s little owner was found, and she was very happy to meet her plush friend again.

A guy took a fox from a fur farm to save its life.

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This is Martin, and he’s an activist who tries to save foxes from being killed for their fur. One day, he managed to save one of these animals from becoming somebody’s fur coat, and he took home a baby fox. Since then, the fox has grown, and now it lives happily, inspiring its owner to defend the rights of more animals. Martin even created his own organization called OBRAZ.