Ten seriously cute babies who look exactly like emojis

The feelings which babies express on their little faces are always much easier to read than on adults — they’re still at that stage of life where everything is about expressing their emotions to get what they want, rather than keeping them hidden away. And it’s just so cute to look at — to the point where, it seems, even the artists who design emojis have taken inspiration from the little guys.

Here are ten seriously cute babies who look hilariously similar to emojis.

You mean…I WASN’T meant to draw on the walls?

Now you’ve really annoyed me!


The baby who has the best knock-knock jokes.

Mommy, you’re sooo sweet!

He is way, way to cool for school!

This guy clearly tells great jokes…

Whereas this baby has had a rough day.

This little princess loves giving kisses.

…It wasn’t me. Definitely not.

Source: AFV