The 17 greatest dads of all time

Being a father is a serious and often very difficult task, especially for those who are doing it for the first time. Among the many challenges he might encounter are trying to find time for both work and family, learning to change a diaper, braiding his daughter’s hair, and explaining how the world works to his son. Nevertheless, you can be sure that a good dad will be able to do anything that’s demanded of him — and do it to perfection. Here’s the proof…

He’ll take on any role required.

Even if that means he has to get a pedicure.

He can set a good example.

He deals with his most important responsibilities after work.

He can cook a meal fit for a king.

And make a brilliant cup of tea.

Every good dad knows that his kids take the best picture.

He’s a comfortable seat.

And a great surfing instructor.


And the best hairdresser in the world!

He’s an expert at having fun.

He’ll play any game.

He’ll even let you do his make-up.

He’s the strongest man in the world.

And the most patient.

Whatever they want to do, he’s got their back.

…And he’ll do it with a smile!

via: boredpanda