The 20 Cutest Animals Who Know They Can Always Rely on Their Mother’s Love

December 12, 2012

The purest and most tender feeling in the whole world is a mother’s wholehearted love for her child. And it doesn’t matter whether her baby is a human being, a bear cub, a koala or a monkey — love is felt amongst thousands of different kinds of living beings all across the world, proving once again just how wonderful life can be.

We at LikeAble have put together a collection of 20 of the cutest pictures to prove this. They’re all so full of warmth and love that we guarantee your heart will melt!

Mom will always support you

She’ll always protect you

She knows the true strength of a mother’s hug

Her kisses are the most tender

Mom was with you from the very beginning

And she still tries to keep you under her wing

She’ll carry you on her shoulders till the end

Without complaint, and instead with pride and joy

She’s always glad to see you

If you’re sad she feels sad too

And if you’re happy she will be as well!

Love and affection for you are her constant goals

No one makes you feel safer

You can do almost anything you want and she won’t complain!

She doesn’t get angry even if you follow her everywhere like a shadow

She’ll always support you no matter what

She’ll teach you to cheer yourself up when you’re down

Her happiness rests on just being by your side

Because she loves you!