The Secret to Creating a Perfect Relationship

February 16, 2015

Everything in life adheres to logic. Every cause has an effect. So what do we do when we want our relationship to reach new levels of perfection? More often than not, we just sit and wait for it to happen. But why should we? Provided you’ve got the ability and determination, you can train yourself to be more loving and considerate.

Today, LikeAble offers you a selection of exercises that will help you build a harmonious, long-lasting, and super happy relationship.

1. Rekindle your happiest memories

We may not be aware of it, but with each passing month we can become less capable of understanding and forgiveness — the emotions that seemed so abundant at the start of our relationship. To get them back, try to remember how it all began. Those happy memories will help you to see your significant other the same way you used to when you were still falling in love.

2. Don’t forget to voice your desires

The longer we are in a relationship, the more we tend to expect our partners to anticipate even our vaguest desires. We often feel entitled to particular actions and responses from our loved ones before we even voice our needs. If those responses fail to materialize, we might see our partner as callous. This can ruin a relationship. But these problems can be avoided by simply voicing our needs in advance.

3. Don’t ask: ’How did your day go?’

Dialogue centered around boring questions like this doesn’t bring us closer together. Instead, it can spoil our relationships by making them smack of routine. Try to think of something else to ask your loved one at the end of the day, for example ’Did you have an interesting day at work?’, ’Has anything made you laugh lately?’ You’ll be surprised at how much more lively and intimate your conversations will become.

4. Become experts on each other

What do you really know about your loved one’s tastes, preferences, and hobbies? Do you know for sure what things can make them happy? Don’t hesitate to ask questions. Also, try to note your partner’s reactions to various events, situations, and pastimes. You’ll need this knowledge to make them happy.

5. Stay sexy

What we’re talking about here is the goal to stay attractive and desirable in everyday situations. Both you and your partner should try to observe the other’s reactions to the way you look and behave. Then take the time to discuss what each of you sees as turn-ons.

6. Be creative about going out together

You can find tons of helpful ideas online about what to do. Or, you can use your own imagination. A cosy night in with pizza and a good movie can wait. You can always have one after a great day of boating in the park and an amazing evening at a roller disco!

7. Keep problems at a distance

The stresses of our modern hectic lifestyles can overshadow even the happiest relationship. This is why you should take extra care to switch off your worries while spending time with your loved one. Try to learn to find pleasure in doing things together. You cannot barricade yourself from work-related problems, but you can find inner strength to deal with them on your own terms.

8. Learn to take time-outs from bickering

When passions are running high and you’re ready to explode, tell yourself to stop before you pass the point of no return. Then offer your partner the opportunity to take a time-out. You can resume your argument later. A pause will help to lower the emotional tension and allow you to calmly find a resolution.

9. Show your genuine feelings

All too often, we only demonstrate ’upper level’ emotions, such as approval or irritation. In other words, we tend to show our final reaction to something. However, we need to reveal our ’intermediate level’ emotions — the ones that allow our partners to trace the direction of our thoughts and feelings. This includes happiness, contentment, disappointment and loneliness. These deeper-lying feelings are more likely to attract empathy.

10. Apologize with all your heart

Apologies play a truly important part in a relationship, but they must come from your heart. When a situation demands it, you should be honest in admitting your mistakes and explaining your plans for rectifying them. Only the truth will enable your loved one to forgive you fully.

Source MBG