The story of this husky dog which was raised by cats will fill you with delight

Allow us to introduce Tally — a highly unusual husky dog who was raised by cats. The result of her unorthodox upbringing is that how she’s totally convinced she’s a cat, too.

Tally became an internet celebrity thanks to her owner’s blog, Dong_of_justice, in which the latter reveals the details of how he has been looking after the two-year-old dog.

Actually, Tally is not 100% a husky dog. According to her owner, she’s a mixture of «husky, malamute and something yet unknown to science. Her appearance resembles a malamute, but most people don’t know this breed, that’s why I just call her a husky.»

But no matter what her specific breed is, because of her upbringing Tally reminds everyone who encounters her, unmistakeably, of a cat — one which was accidentally born inside the body of a dog.

We thought we’d take a closer look at how exactly Tally’s ’cat-like’ personality reveals itself.

«Tally always sits like a cat, with her arms and legs tucked under herself…»

«She enjoys nestling up in small spaces — like in boxes

«And she can do it for hours and hours!»

«She was actually raised by cats until she was two years old.»

«We don’t really have any photos of her with the cats.»

«She also likes to sit on the windowsill and gaze out the window like a cat.»

«The other thing Tally really likes to do is cat-like sunbathing.»

«The day is wasted if she hasn’t messed something up at least once.»

«… Aaand one more time!»

«Here’s an interesting fact: Tally doesn’t like her belly being rubbed. She’ll stare at you and sigh a lot until you stop.»

«People often stop me in the street to tell me how beautiful she is. But she usually drags me away before I can say anything.»

«She’s lazy, but she’s also graceful. She’ll never stand up to look around. Tally just turns her head instead.»

«Bye-bye, I hope you enjoyed meeting me!»