These Family Photos Remain Almost Unchanged Though They Were Taken Dozens of Years Apart

“Who do they look like?” has remained an unchanged question for centuries when a baby is born. Usually the relatives quickly find out whose splitting image the baby is. And sometimes it’s not mom or dad, but a grandfather or even a great-grandmother. Sometimes the likeness is simply incredible!

The LikeAble team invites you to look at family albums where you can find similar pictures with different people in them.

My dad and I; me and my son…

Father’s on the left, daughter’s on the right

The first picture shows two friends, the second — their sons

Mother and daughter: the red dress after 25 years

In 2012, this guy repeated his father’s photo session from 1976

A photo 87 years apart: great-grandmother Michelle and her great-granddaughter Lucy

A great-great-grandfather and his great-great-grandson 1917/1995

Mom and her son

A dad and his son cosplaying him

They’re both 21 here: grandfather Henry and his grandson Edward

“Dad and I in 1991; me and my cat in 2013?

Grandmother and granddaughter

Father and son at the same age

Mother and daughter: two smiles 20 years apart

A daughter found her mother’s photo at the same age

“My mom and her firstborn 41 years ago; me and my first son…”

Grandfather and grandson

School yearbooks: “My mom and I at the same age”

Father and son: XX and XXI century

Photos of mother and son at 16 years

Ralph Lincoln — a descendant of Abraham Lincoln in the 11th generation

Preview photo credit i.imgur