These fun Kama Sutra cartoons reveal what it’s really like to be married

’The Married Kama Sutra’ by Simon Rich and Farley Katz is a brilliant attempt to look at the funny side of being together, and to remind us that married life is the best life you can possibly have. Looking through amusing cartoons, you’ll see that there are plenty of things to laugh about with the one closest to you.

Do you recognize yourself and your partner in any of these pictures? We at LikeAble certainly do!

The ’prodding’ position

Instructions: the woman intentionally tries to reach all the dust under the couch on which her husband is sitting, thus showing him that he too should be cleaning.

The ’dishwasher’ position

The best choice for your and your partner if you both like alternating positions. Instructions: the man takes the initiative and tries to load the dishwasher. At this very moment the woman must come over to tell him that he is doing it all wrong.

The ’fresh air’ position

This position is very much connected with shifting standards of behavior, and as such is applicable to couples who’ve been together for a long time. The man passes wind in the presence of his wife and doesn’t even apologize. We don’t recommend this position to inexperienced young newlyweds.

The ’comparative analysis’ position

Instructions: when you’re at dinner with another married couple, try holding hands and exchange grins of superiority while other couple is fighting over some problem.

The ’2+1? position

A classy one for those couples with kids. Instructions: you’re in the middle of a love game with your husband and you’re suddenly interrupted by your child screaming and running into your bedroom because he heard some scary noise.

The ’third wheel’ position

This position works best if the man has gained some weight and feels bad about how he looks. Instructions: the woman doesn’t ask her man for help with moving the furniture and hires some hot guy to do it instead. The guy takes his shirt off, the woman stares at his six-pack abs, and the man feels like an old wounded hippo.

The ’shopping’ position

Instructions: the woman insists that the man needs some new clothes because his jeans are almost a hundred years old and the man physically resists as his wife pushes him into the mall.

The ’that was close!’ position

Instructions: the man closes his laptop as quickly as possible and tries to smile naturally when his wife unexpectedly enters the room.

The ’our kid’s at grandma’s’ position

Instructions: leave your kid at grandma’s and plan to finally spend some quality time together. The man and the woman have some good food and wine and go to bed…To have a good sleep, of course.

The ’sweet moments of peace’ position

Instructions: the woman says she’s okay with her man spending the evening with his friends watching the game, and the moment he leaves jumps into a relaxing hot bath, where she drinks red wine and enjoys those rare and priceless moments of solitude.