These Kids Turned Ordinary Photos Into Real Masterpieces

Children’s creative talents are not just limited to drawing on newly painted walls or formatting your laptop’s hard drive. They extend to many other fields.

We at LikeAble have put together this collection of photos proving that children are also brilliant at photobombing.

Hey, ladies! The man of your dreams is here. Check me out!

Did someone say “cheese”?

I don’t want to hear a word about any wedding. The prince is mine and mine alone!

Anarchy is my way of life! Who said that I have to go to kindergarten tomorrow?

It took dad too long to find a good angle for a selfie.

A-a-a, keep your distance, Mr. Dolphin!

When the best photo of your kid looks like this:

Mom, you’re doing it wrong, totally wrong!

They said, “Put on whatever you want.”

A-a-a! Who’s that? And why does he keep pointing that thing at me?

So what if they couldn’t find a mask for me? I look cool even without it.

Ask me! I know everything about football!

Mom, can I just go home, pleeeease?

Santa brought me a brother? No, I haven’t seen him.

Don’t you know that making fish lips is on trend today?

Daddy, I seem unapproachable, don’t I?

Ha ha! They all walk and I don’t.

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