This 102-Year-Old Woman Assures Us That the Secret of Eternal Life Is to Drink Beer

Today we have some fantastic news that every beer lover is going to appreciate. We at LikeAble are raising our glasses at this story!

Mildred Bowers, an affable grandmother from South Carolina, is 102 years old. She claims to know a secret formula that has allowed her to enjoy such longevity: beer.

In fact, she says that her doctors recommended she drink one glass of beer a day. Mildred drinks her glass every day at the same time as if it were medicine. She’s been doing this for many years and has no intention of giving it up — and who can blame her if her doctors gave this advice? When asked if she recommends that other senior citizens drink beer regularly, she said, “Yes, if they like it.”

Mildred does recognize, however, that “everything depends on your genes,“ which she thanks for always giving her lots of energy throughout her life. However, she isn’t the first person to claim that drinking alcohol has contributed to longevity. Grace Jones from England, who turned 109 last year, said she has a ”drop of whiskey every night.”

Soon, this cheerful centenarian will celebrate her 103rd birthday. We’re sure that she’ll meet it with a glass of beer in hand and a great deal of joy. At her age, we at LikeAble are sure she’s earned it!


Preview photo credit live5news