This 80-Year-Old Man From China Astounded Everyone When He Stepped Onto the Catwalk

December 19, 2016

A man who participated in Fashion Week in China recently astounded all of the event’s guests. His example proves that old age most certainly does not have to be synonymous with frailty, illness, and despondency.

80-year-old Deshun Wang has shattered the stereotypical view that older people have to give up doing anything fun and interesting in life. Little wonder then that he’s now become an Internet sensation and a model for imitation around the world.


The actor, who has impressed everyone with his magnificent appearance, began working on his body at a rather late age — when he was already 50.


He now works out for three hours a day and is constantly trying out new things to help keep his body and mind in good shape.


“You should always check to see if you have hidden potential. As soon as the thought comes into your head that it’s already too late to try something new, drive it out immediately. Don’t let it become your justification for spurning what life has to offer. No one can close your route to success apart from you yourself,” says Deshun Wang.


After taking part in the fashion show, Deshun Wang became famous nationwide and received the nickname “the hottest grandfather in China.”



“Age isn’t important,“ says the 80-year-old actor and model. ”Nature determines your age, but it’s you that determines the condition of your own mind.”