This 90-Year-Old Lady Ignored A Terminal Diagnosis For The Sake Of Realizing Her Dream

When Norma was 90 years old, her life fractured. The elderly American lady lost her beloved husband and soon after found out that she herself was terminally ill: the doctors found a malignant tumor. Specialists recommended carrying out an operation, but Norma didn’t want to spend her last days lying in a hospital bed.

“I’m 90 years old. I’m going to go traveling!” declared the patient. She wouldn’t return to the oncologist’s office for quite some time.

Norma wasn’t the kind of person to offer empty promises, and soon after her bold declaration she was indeed on the road. She was accompanied by her son Tim, daughter-in-law Rennie, and her charming dog.

Norma admitted that she’d wanted to travel around America her whole life. The emotions she felt from visiting new cities invigorated her so much that for a time the symptoms of her disease disappeared.

“When a caterpillar thinks it’s dying, it’s actually just getting ready to fly,” Norma often said while on her trip.

Soon, the Miss Norma page appeared on Facebook. Every post that gets published about her is usually clicked on around 10,000 times. Here you can find stories about Norma’s travels, quotes, and photographs.

After she received her grave diagnosis, Norma traveled 22,000 km and visited 32 states in the USA.

Unfortunately, escaping her illness didn’t prove possible, and Norma passed away in September 2016. But even now her son Tim continues to put up photographs, quotes, and articles about his late mother on Facebook. In this way, despite having left the world behind, Norma continues to inspire people around the world to search for adventure and enjoyment.

Based on materials from Driving Miss Norma