This artist makes heart-warming illustrations for every day he spends with his beloved wife

November 23, 2014

Curtis Wiklund is a wedding photographer from Ortonville, USA. The story of his own happy marriage inspired him to create a series of drawings dedicated to his beloved wife, Jordin. During the past year, Curtis illustrated 365 blissful moments between them, one for each day.

These warm sketches reminded us at LikeAble that there’s always time for a little love and romance.

I love her so much

We’re pregnant

Did a lot of laughing today

Snowboard goggles and onions

My sleepy girl

Back-scratching as a sedative

When my wife is out of town, I forget to eat or sleep

You’re still my Valentine

Dumb fight

Cold season

Post-shower, pre-hairspray

She read to me, I played guitar for a while, and then I drew a picture

I still learn something new about my wife every day

Night time routine

Our trip home from IKEA

Our tree

Some place I’d like to be

Almost my birthday!

My wife watched the season finale of her favorite TV show today

— What should I draw?
— Us!

These sketches will soon be available in a published coffee table book! Sign up to be notified of its release on the artist’s website, or follow him on instagram / facebook.

Source: boredpanda