This cat fell in love with a baby before he was born and now guards him all the time

This cat’s name is Panda. She’s two and a half years old. Just look at the way she’s hugging her owner’s baby bump!

’’When I got pregnant, Panda started following me everywhere, laying her head on my belly, as if she wanted to keep the baby safe’’, – says Liel, Panda’s owner.

The cat guarded her owner’s baby like this for the whole nine months before he was born.

When the baby finally arrived, Panda recognized him as her little brother, whom she had been waiting for so long, almost immediately. Now the cat always tries to lie next to the baby in order to continue guarding him, and wakes Liel up late at night if he cries.

But Panda isn’t the only cat in the house who loves the family’s new baby boy. Little Sean has several furry friends who love and protect him.

Adapted from: becauseimacat
Adapted by LikeAble