This couple refused to walk down the aisle until they got in shape

December 19, 2016

Claire Crowthers, 31, used to weigh 198 pounds. She worked as a midwife, and her crazy schedule forced her to eat junk food and pre-cooked meals. Her diet got out of control until she didn’t like looking at herself in the mirror anymore. When her boyfriend proposed, she rejected him. She said that she didn’t want to walk down the aisle looking like a ’fat bride’. Claire decided to find a healthy lifestyle once and for all.

A before shot of Claire at her heaviest.

Claire joined a fitness class and lost 56 pounds over 10 months, but that still wasn’t good enough for her. She began going to the gym with her boyfriend, who supported and helped her throughout the journey. He was following a diet and working out, too.

This time, Claire lost 28 pounds more. She transformed from a full-figured woman into a fit and confident woman.

In October 2014, Claire and Stephen got married.

’The support of my husband was integral to the success of my weight loss, and working to a goal together again felt great,’ she said.

Claire on her wedding day with husband Stephen and daughter Molly.

’I never allow myself to get bored by doing this, and I am always improving myself.’

LikeAble is amazed by Claire’s hard work and willingness to change.

Source: gosocial