This inspirational 99-year-old lady makes dresses for needy children every single day

This elderly lady is called Lillian Weber. She is without doubt a truly incredible person. Every day, she makes dresses for needy little girls in Africa. Lillian is 99 years old, and she’s already made 840 dresses, completing one every day. She aims to sew a thousand by the time she turns one hundred. What’s more, she tries to make every dress unique, so that each of the girls will feel proud of their new appearance.

It’s simply impossible not to be overwhelmed with admiration for this inspirational lady. We sincerely hope she stays in good health, has a wonderful life, and achieves everything she’s set out to do.


Lillian starts work early in the morning, stopping only for lunch and a short break during the day.

In the evening, she puts the finishing touches to each dress.


She’s able to make a whole new dress every single day.

They are all made according to a template, but not a single one of them is exactly the same as any other.


The dresses are provided to African children living in poverty.


Here’s the result of Lillian’s work!


There will always be people who need others’ help. And it’s inspiring to think there will always be people out there, like Lillian, who are more than willing to give it.


Source: littledressesforafrica