This is the world’s hottest math teacher

This handsome guy is Pietro Boselli, and he is a math teacher at University College London.

One student, Arief Azli, thought that he had seen his lecturer somewhere before. So he did some digging on the Internet and shared his discovery on Facebook. As it turned out, Pietro had a successful modeling career and was even scouted by Giorgio Armani himself. However, Boselli gave up modeling and gave preference to his teaching career.

We at LikeAble are sure you’d like your math class if you had a teacher like this!


Pietro has a Ph.D. in engineering. He is also an author of many specialized articles and publications.


According to his LinkedIn profile, Boselli worked as a teaching assistant and then as a lecturer at University College London.


Although Pietro finished his modeling career and dove into science, he never stopped training. According to his Instagram, he is still in great shape.