This is what love looks like

November 27, 2012

The Indian artist Nidhi Chanani understands better than most that it’s the little things that we share with our partners which make life worth living. That’s why she made a series of illustrations called Everyday Love, which demonstrates beautifully how every moment of a relationship contains its own element of wonder.


Nidhi Chanani reminds us all that the key to happiness is really quite simple: we don’t find it, we create it ourselves. And we do it by…


Having pillow fights


Listening to music together


Supporting each other during tough times


Greeting each other when we get home from work


Dancing together


Enjoying being lazy together


Cooking together


Fooling around in the kitchen


Travelling together


Going for walks together — rain or shine


Enjoying the moment when we’re reunited


Spending the day in town together


Reading together before bed


Falling asleep in each other’s arms


Having breakfast together each morning


Snacking together late into the night




Going on dates


Enjoying the quiet moments together


Spending time with our children


Growing old together