This little girl’s family organised a fantastic party for her last ever birthday

Lila May Schow is a cheerful five-year-old. But she’s a bit different from other little girls: for three years, she’s been battling cancer. Tragically, she hasn’t had much luck. Recently it was her birthday. The likelihood is that it will be her last. So her parents made it as special as they could.



The doctors have said that the little girl isn’t strong enough to stand any more chemotherapy. The best that can be hoped for is that she’ll live until Thanksgiving.


To help make their daughter’s last birthday unforgettable, her parents created a special group on facebook to help them organise things, and also to tell her story. 


Ryan and Heidi, Lila’s parents, were helped by local businessmen, volunteers, and hundreds of ordinary people touched by Lila’s story. On 31st July, the party of a lifetime took place. 


It was both a prom and a wedding, because everyone knew Lila would never get to experience these things herself.


All the expenses were covered by donations given by people from all across the United States.


Lila came to her party as Cinderella, and she was surrounded by all the other Disney princesses.


Her dad ‘proposed’ to Lila and danced a real wedding dance with her, so that the little girl could experience at least once what is never likely to really happen.


Ryan said: ‘We wouldn’t have been able to fight her illness or organise this party without the help of a huge number of people. We are grateful to all of them. All of this was done in order to make a little girl smile.’ 


…and smile she certainly did.

Source: buzzfeed