This Mother Wrote a Letter to Her Ex-Husband’s New Partner and Melted Millions of People’s Hearts

November 28, 2015

“Love more, hate less” — this is the message that Audrey Nicole, a mother who went through a divorce, is trying to communicate to those around her. Her words impressed millions of people and became one of the most discussed topics of the week.

We at LikeAble felt touched when we read this and decided to share it with you.

This is Audrey Nicole and her daughter Riley Grace:

And this is Riley with the woman who now lives with her father:

When the young girl goes to visit her father, Audrey doesn’t get mad at this “other woman” who is now her ex-husband’s partner, because this woman also cares for Riley just as much as she does. To thank her ex’s new partner for all the concern she has shown for her daughter, Audrey decided to write a letter, and she published it on the Facebook page Love What Matters.


Her letter quickly spread across the Internet. Thousands of people came out in support of Audrey and shared their own experiences:




Preview photo credit Audrey Nicole

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